Long long time ago we had a small, modest shop selling drawings and gifts. In the gallery, we also had a side filled with greetings cards, as well as some funny cards. Citizens would walk quietly around the shop, gently

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Gifts don't have to be tasteless. Think about these ideas Gift-buying season is everytime so it  is upon us once again, and this time you don't want to wait until the last minute and buy an insipid tie or an


Position and what are the office opening hours? The Greeting cards review main shop is situated in Hamburg, Germany. Greeting cards review office hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, though we are here often


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We supply FREE EUROPE DELIVERY on orders of any THREE cards or more – we accept orders within 36 hours and send them by FAST COURIER post so YOUR CARDS are supposed to get there within two or three working days. We charge 2 USD for delivery of a single card.

We also deliver to all African Countries and USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand via Royalty Mail Fastmail. We charge a flat fee of 5.95 USD for Africa and 6.95 USD  for Worldwide delivery.

We are also able to send a card in a straight line to the beneficiary on your behalf – there is an selection to add a text (which we handwrite in the card for you) on the cart page.

We accept expenses from 40+ countries

Calls to 0644 numbers will cost 9p per minute plus your phone company contact fee.

Calls to 0825 numbers will cost 7p per minute plus your phone company contact fee.

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Create Beautiful Cards: Essential Facts about the Monogramming Machine

A monogramming machine is used to create patterns on textiles and it is commercially used in product branding. The monogramming machine works by taking the software fonts and then stitching the design intended. The working pattern of the machine varies when it comes to the number of needles used in the design creation.

If you are not conversant with sewing machines and the practice of sewing it may seem difficult to acquire the skill of monogramming. The statement “practice makes perfect” is applicable to becoming a good monogrammer. In order to master the art of monogramming machine, you should practice with your machine as frequent as possible.

If you are familiar with a sewing machine, operating a monogramming machine should be difficult. Your acquiring the new skill will be dependent on the model of the model of the machine purchased. With the advancement of technology, some models allow the creation of designs by the use of program software. This feature depends on your expertise with the computer. Fortunately, many of the models in the market come with instructional guides and tutorials that help speed up your familiarity with the machine.

When comparison of the cost of acquiring a monogramming machine you will notice the machines available in the market vary. You also notice the same result when you compare the features of the various monogramming machines available in the machine.

In order to get a monogramming machine that has the best specification, you should be ready to pay the price because it definitely will not come cheap. When purchasing it is best you define the cause for your purchase, it could be for either home use or commercial use. There are various machines in the market, the price differs for stated use.

The price of acquiring a monogramming machine range from 300 to 6000 dollars. The price in the lower range is specified for home use as they tend to be slower because of the motor drive and additional features found on the commercial machines are missing. It is best you know which of the above meets your need so you do not invest money into the wrong choice.