Long long time ago we had a small, modest shop selling drawings and gifts. In the gallery, we also had a side filled with greetings cards, as well as some funny cards. Citizens would walk quietly around the shop, gently

Gift Ideas

Gifts don't have to be tasteless. Think about these ideas Gift-buying season is everytime so it  is upon us once again, and this time you don't want to wait until the last minute and buy an insipid tie or an


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Christmas card – How to Decide on What to Get Dad for Christmas


Christmas cards are an annual tradition that occurs in December when they can be a source of joy and stress. From ensuring that the cards are sent out on time to be delivered before the Christmas holiday, to deciding what to get dad for Christmas, or picking out the appropriate one for a group of people or a particular person, card-buying can add some tension to the already tense and busy atmosphere at this time of year. Learn how to discover the proper Christmas card for the people on your list so that you can bring a smile to their faces.

Pick Two Sets of Different Cards

If you have an extensive list of people that you are not so close to and a lot of people that you are close to, split a list into two so that you can get two sets of different cards. For religious people, choose cards that carry some religious sentiment. For people who are not religious, choose generic cards. When it comes to family and close friends, personalized cards are the way to go because you can include a family photo or a warm message with it. To make your cards more special, give them out along with Christmas gifts. You can also design a photo card of your family with a digital printer or camera, or you could get a professional to take the photo.

Use blank cards

You could also use blank cards that have a winter or holiday scene as their cover. These can be customized. The choices you have for a cover picture are endless with images of stars, snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, trees, Father Christmas, and people sledding. You can write a personalized note to each recipient instead of having to purchase a host of different cards. You can select from cards with the traditional Christmas colors of green and red, or silver or gold embossed cards. Blank cards are suitable for people you are particularly close to, like lifelong friends and family so you won’t have to worry too much about what to get dad for Christmas. They are also perfect for acquaintances. A lot of people value the sentiment behind the handwritten note, even when some notes can be really generic while others bear a more personal touch.





Remembrance Greeting Card – A dog that loved his Dog Playpen

This is an original animal art print by Jessica Danielle which contains a poem written for Jessica’s brother’s dog, Smokey, who died while playing in his dog playpen. Smokey had been a huge part of their lives for a lot of years and to Jessica there were a just a few ways to express grief at the loss of a pet. Her brother’s quiet grief combined with recalling her own pets made her write the words to honor the beloved furry ones we have loved and lost at some point in our lives.

Written with honesty and a gentle humor, the poem details all the wonderful and exasperating moments we have experienced along the way and finishes with heartfelt gratitude for all the life’s experiences and love shared. Written from the bottom of the heart for all the people who have experienced the honor of sharing their life with a beloved furry one.

a413c1bce0a753d482f57e2fe90ac7a5Jessica Danielle went to the Winchester School of Art where she studied printed textiles. Work on her final degree featured cows, loads and loads of cows. There was a requirement for each student to have a sentence or quote that described their work in the best way possible. Because Jessica’s artwork has continuously been animal-based, simple and filled with gentle humor and due to the fact that her state of mind at that point in time was at best bovine, she settled for a line from the nursery rhyme Over The Moon; “the small dog laughed to see so much fun”, and this later became the name of her company.

While doing a textile degree, Jessica experienced designing greeting cards for the first time. That was an eureka moment for her and 15 years down the line she is still designing gifts and cards inspired by a love for everything four-legged and furry. She mainly works with pen and watercolor and derives a lot of her inspiration from photos of cute little furry ones in a dog playpen sent to her by dog followers through her email or Facebook page.








Man Boob Greeting Card Ideas – Ways to Getting Rid Of Man Breast Fast

Take control and act on the chest fat that is troubling your heart now rather than feel sorry and ashamed for yourself. If you have decided to take the required steps to battle Gynecomastia, you can read more at http://www.gynecomaguide.com/gynexol-reviews/; the effort is worth it.

Getting rid of man breasts in 5 simple steps:

  1. Despite the fact that the last thing you would like to hear about is dieting, you have to make sacrifices concerning some particular foods to get your normal chest back. You have to cut down on certain foods just like potatoes, however, that doesn’t mean you should entirely stop eating these foods. For example, if you usually eat meat thrice weekly you will have to reduce it to once per week.
  2. If you normally drink beer you have to reduce its consumption meaning you have to calm down on drinking though there’s nothing like chilling with friends in the company of cold beer after work.
  3. Exercise is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of your man boobs. Brisk walking, Aerobics, cycling or even daily will aid you to lose it.
  4. For quicker results endeavour to try lifting weights. If you have not lifted them before, start gradually with lighter weights. Avoid visiting the gym to lift the heaviest weights you see just because you feel you can.
  5. You have to concentrate more on the chest area since you’re trying to shed fat there. In addition, you have to cater to your lower body as well since you wouldn’t like to end up with a smaller lower body and a larger upper body.

That’s the five ways to eliminate man breasts. Make sure you master these ways well as it could be the method you require to eliminate man breasts.

It won’t be easy, however, you have to work to achieve the result you desire so much.









Card Making Ideas: Shoes for Flat Feet Women

Always put on your creative cap. Seek for card making ideas in the places that you least expect. This is for you to always be alert and you might be getting lots of ideas for your greeting cards. For example, if you are a big fan of shoes and you love to look at them, you can create a shoe card for various types of feet, for instance, shoes for flat feet women. You could get card making ideas just by looking at them.

What of window displays? A lot of these displays are carried out by people who have put a lot of hard work in drawings and research so as to finally have them on the store’s window displays.

card_flat_shoesOther Places to Find Card Making Ideas:

  • While watching TV programs
  • Book cover designs
  • Surfing through fashion magazines. Check out the combination of colors and the layout.
  • Nature around you. Landscape, Garden scene, river life, etc.
  • Textiles: Check out the design on a piece of fabric. Also, note the colors used.
  • Take note of your surroundings. When possible, walk, notice and enjoy the trip. You will come across many scenes and things that might initiate some great ideas.
  • Store bought cards. Try as much as possible not to copy. Just gain some ideas and learn the newest developments in greeting cards.
  • You can discover card-making ideas just by going through books.

Supplies Required For Making the Shoe Card

  • white cardstock
  • tan or gold color cardstock
  • rose pink color cardstock
  • beads
  • red color pencils
  • tiny pink and white ribbon
  • pink, tan, and black color markers
  • foam tape
  • decorative scissors
  • glue
  • bone folder

Indeed, a shoe card highlighting shoes for flat feet women might just be the card to design for your fashion and trendy-conscious girlfriends for those unique occasions or as a fun card that can be sent to a girlfriend anytime.

Kite-themed paper craft cards: Lenkmatten or Paper Kite

Take a shot at making paper craft through beautiful kite cards. You could possibly build them so that they are made up of various kinds of kites or even the steering mat or lenkmatten. They’re ideal for any important occasion, and immediately you have some expertise from making them you can put anything you desire on the front!

As far as making the right card choice for your loved ones is concerned, the addition of a personal touch is surely the way forward. We all love kite-themed cards that make it possible to pass on a great birthday message, and also serve as an attractive invite to a summer party. Besides the fact that it shows how much thought you’ve invested in making it, it’s a lot cheaper as well than getting one from the local card shop. All you need are strings, tape, templates, and paper!

Simply follow the three super easy steps required to make these beautiful greeting cards for your loved ones.

 lnktaun_paperYou will require:

  • Pencil
  • Kite & clouds templates
  • String
  • Origami paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White paper
  • Craft masking tape
  • A4 Pale blue card

Step 1

Making use of a template, draw and cut out two paper kites, each of length 6cm and 7cm. Then gently fold the kites from one corner to the other to create creases.

Step 2

Cut two lengths of string at the confirmed measurement of 10cm and glue them behind the paper kites. Attach three strips of craft tape to every length of string and cut into bow tie shapes using a pair of scissors.

Step 3

Fold an A4 pale blue card sheet into two. With the aid of a template draw and cut out three white paper clouds at a length of 6cm. Attach the clouds to the folded card’s front. You can then set the kites on top, and stick them in place.

Immediately you become an expert in the kite theme, why don’t you move onto airplanes, hot air balloons or power kites, such as the lenkmatten? The sky is definitely the limit!

Making a DIY Card Photoshoot: Best vacuum for pet hair required

Pets are a major part of the family and they make everyday fun since it’s always fun in their company. When it’s the birthday of your loved one’s pet or at Christmas time, you can send a wish to them, this gesture is certain to make his or her day all the more unique and exciting. And if you want to make a DIY card, you’ll require the best vacuum for pet hair to get your apartment ready for the photo shoot.

best_vacuum_pet_ownersStay away from the display of other greeting cards this season with the aid of pet Christmas cards. For example, considering family photo Christmas cards, those with pets provide a glimpse into your home life. You can take the perfect holiday photograph of your pet to feature on the front the Christmas card this year with the aid of a little planning as well as some photography skills. In addition, people have an affinity for cute, cuddly cards and a bit of humor. You require the right decoration for your interior, a few basic supplies, the right printer, and a photo session with your pet to make the ideal card. The needed supplies are all available via craft stores and local office supply shops as well as online via reliable sellers on eBay.

Making that unique picture for your Christmas greeting card needs the cooperation of your cat or dog as most animals don’t know that their owners are only trying to get cute pictures of them. This makes it difficult to get a posed shot or still moment. Pick a photography session time that is just before your pet’s bedtime or just after it wakes up. There is a great possibility that they’ll be more relaxed at this time thus increasing the chances of getting a perfect photo. Ensure that your pet is well-groomed and your home well-cleaned with the best vacuum for pet hair.

To Remove, Add or Edit a Business Profile on the White Pages or Pages Blanches

Sometimes you will be required to edit, remove, or add your business profile to reflect the addition of new services or a new business status if you are a greeting cards business or company or have a profile with one of the companies that offer the Pages Blanches or White Pages service. We’ve made this guide to show you how this can be done with little or no fuss.

You can reach your listing service provider if you would like to get your profile updated for free. You can locate their contact details by visiting the profile page of your business, where you will be able to get the provider’s name listed over the business name.

pages_balchesPlease note: You would be required to give a timeframe of around 60 days for updated information to appear on the White Pages of your provider. All pieces of information added are guaranteed to appear on the White Pages. The majority of the listing providers work hard to offer a way for businesses to edit or add information directly, and if they don’t have that feature they replace it with other services like Yext and Infogroup through which you can edit your information.

You can update all your listings via the Yext Power Listings. With a Yext Power listing your business info will get updated on White Pages and other Yext partners like Citysearch, Yelp, MapQuest, Yahoo!, and Superpages that also offer Pages Blanches services.

Features of the service are;

  • Enhanced with videos, photos & special offers
  • Self-service implementation
  • Information about how many people click on or view your listing
  • Update your listings through Yext

If you are unable to edit your business listing with Yext or InfoGroup, email your provider with the business name, phone number and address that you are trying to correct so they can help you in a better way.

Tint Inspired Greeting Cards: Window Tinting Perth

We offer Window Tinting Perth services, and we stock the best, high-quality energy efficiency window films from industry leaders like Vista, 3M, Llumar, and Enerlogic. Every of the windows films we use is backed by an exceptional warranty and installation will be carried out by our team of highly skilled installers, at a price that’s reasonable.

Save Energy and Money All Year Long

We provide a wide variety of energy efficiency films whose costs will be offset in as little as three years through the savings from your energy bills. However, with our energy efficiency window films you achieve more than a cut in costs, they also offer a 99% UV block, practically removing the rays from the Perth sun that cause fading of interiors and furnishings. This can greatly aid your upholstery, flooring, furniture, and artwork to remain new-looking for a longer time.

Energy efficient window films also remove glare, giving you more comfort in your home and allowing you to enjoy more of the sun during the day without needing to pull the curtains to work on your tablet, phone, and laptop, or watch TV.

Cost-Effective Energy Savings

What if it was possible to make savings on your yearly cooling and heating costs through your windows? In the ever-changing climate of Perth, with the frosty winters and scorching summers, a lot of homeowners discover that they require either heating or air conditioning for most of the year. It’s been reported that roughly 30% of the energy utilized by homeowners to cool and heat their homes is lost, due to the fact that the windows are not insulated.

However, changing perfectly good windows simply for better insulation is a costly project, and one which, with today’s energy efficiency/energy saving window films from our Window Tinting Perth services is completely pointless. Window films will offer you the same advantages as low energy replacement windows for a fraction of the cost, and without needing to disrupt your family life by taking out your windows.


Recovery and Rehab Greeting Cards: Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

Obviously realizing that there’s an issue with drug abuse is one of the most crucial steps to take. If the problem is not identified initially and recognized, it will continue. After a mental acceptance of the issue kicks in, act by looking for a drug rehabilitation program immediately, there are some great drug rehab centers in Florida.

Recovery from addiction takes place one day at a time. Even the first steps towards recovery in a 12 Step program should be celebrated. Let your loved one or friend know they are ably supported by you in their journey towards sobriety and recovery with the assistance of one of our 12 Step Addiction Recovery greeting cards.

drug_rehab_floridaDrug addiction is only one of our society’s most dangerous aspects. This emotional roller coaster leads to many individuals feeling a sense of grief, loss, disappointment, pain and resentment.

All hope is not lost, however, if you have a friend, family or loved one suffering from addiction. Studies have shown that drug addiction can be healed. Most times people lose faith in drug rehab programs as to if they can work or not. Most times we see celebrities in the media walk in and out of these rehab programs only to return to drug use.

Please know that these stars are not a true representation; as they specifically represent a small fraction of failure in rehab programs of the large numbers of people that have evidently benefited.

A private drug rehab system is basically better than the public ones. Public programs are most times over crowded. Sometimes people with drug addiction issues have to wait for weeks or even months before they are admitted into the program.

It is, however, important to point out that a free public program is better than no program at all.

If you struggle on a daily basis from addiction don’t wait! There are plenty of drug rehab centers in Florida available today to assist you!














Endodontic Treatment

Well, I just got back from my endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) and it was indeed a nerve-wracking experience! Notice the pun.

The tooth cracked a while ago however I decided to ignore it until I started noticing infected root canal symptoms. An error, although I didn’t have any pain in that tooth. After it was carefully considered, I opted to see a dentist. After he ordered for my dental x-rays, the tooth was examined as well as the rest of my teeth before he told me I had a root canal infection and initiated a plan to make sure that everything that is required is done.

It’s not like I am afraid of pain or dentists, but it’s been a while I visited one, I didn’t even visit one when I had an inflamed pulp. So, I was apprehensive. Perhaps nervous, but I still visited the dentist eventually. He began the procedure around 15 minutes after I was numbed up. Apart from some few sensations, I felt okay. It was different from the time I had a root canal procedure in Singapore. He initially carried out a filling before cleaning the area up a little, but immediately he was done and the nerve was out, there was nothing again.

When he prepared the temporary crown it took more time than the root canal with no pain whatsoever. The whole thing took about 2 hours, and that is shorter than the time my friend used for the same procedure in Singapore. After the whole process, I was very numb with no pain. As soon as the numbing shot died off, again there was no pain aside from my tongue that I mistakenly bitten during the process of taking a bite impression. I only took a single 800 Motrin in addition to a 4 mg steroid pill. I later regretted this as it made me really hungry. Honestly, people, no two persons will go through the same experiences, I arrived at this realization after making comparisons about my experience and that of my friend who visited a local dentist in Singapore.