Air Rifle Reviews: Examining the 3 Different Types of Air Rifles

There are three major types of Air Rifles; The pump (pneumatic) Air rifles, CO2 Powered Air rifles and the Spring Powered Air rifles. These air rifles reviews will be centered on discussing air rifles, the advantages and the disadvantages, and the differences between the three major types.

Pump (pneumatic) air rifles

This type of Air rifle is pumping level-powered that pumps air into its chamber. After every shot, the rifle needs to be pumped manually for about 5 to 10 times. This type of air rifle allows you to shoot bb’s and pellet.


  • This is a great choice for plinking and target shooting
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • It is capable of altering the FPS
  • It can assist you in shooting down pest since you can make your shots with pellets
  • It is an ideal choice to train young people on safe shooting
  • It is a lot safer than the semi-automatic rifle
  • This is ideal as a beginner’s gin for young people.

Spring Powered Air Rifles

This type of air rifle uses a spring that will have the air compress in its chamber as a source of power. There are three different types of spring designs and they include the break barrel, the under lever and the side lever.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is very powerful


  • Younger people, most especially kids and women find it hard to cock

Co2 Powered Air Rifles

This type of air rifle utilizes cartridges and compressed air as their source of power when firing the gun


  • You ideally need about 12 gm CO2 cartridge which is guaranteed to give you about 60 shots before you refill it or use one again.
  • There is actually no need to stop and have your rifle pumped at the start of a shot.


  • If you are in search of a powerful air rifle, this is not a good idea because it is less powerful compared to the pump powered air rifles and the spring powered air rifles
  • Over time, you will observe that the use of CO2 is not cheap