Buying Pokemon Go Accounts: Cashing in on the Worldwide Phenomenon

Pokemon Go is a wonderful sensation. Just a few days ago, it came top of the gross app list in the US App store, before being launched in 69 countries (and still increasing), which gives a good illustration why numerous players are buying Pokemon go accounts and taking the full exploitation of the process.

Apart from being a tech sensation, it helps generate enough cash for entrepreneurs and growing business. By exploiting this tool, there has been a massive increase in the profits of some companies with some reporting to have about 75% profit.

Also, cafes and small restaurants have capitalized on the trend and it has been a fantastic experience. According to data sourced from a recent survey, most of the Poke-hunkers said they ended up spending about $11.30 after playing the game in a small business venture.

Others have exploited this to capture new clients via social platforms and have also started new businesses via the internet. This is the advanced level of gamification!

What Is Pokemon Go?

The app inspires players (referred as ‘Pokemon trainers’) to locate Pokemon in the physical world around them. For instance, you might locate a Pikachu at a nearby school or a Squirtle at the fitness area.

The app utilizes ‘augmented reality’ – a technology that incorporates digital features to the real world – and for the display of Pokemon on your smartphone’s camera.

It implies that numerous Pokemon hunters are available in the real world, exploiting new areas, tracking small creatures. Lots of small businesses have exploited this with the opening of pizzerias and cafes and they offer discounts and incentives for their customers playing Pokemon. (After all, Pokemon is a tricky game!)

Online businesses are not left out of this process. In its first week, Pokemon Go was able to garner six million Twitter mentions, with lots of businesses joining the action to capture leads.

You must also keep in mind that you can promote your online business in the physical world with the involvement of players joining the fray and buying Pokemon go accounts.