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How to Test Cocaine Using A Cocaine Test Kit

Testing for a cocaine’s purity or simply wanting to identify if a particular substance has any cocaine components is usually hard and is only done, professionals. This means that if you do not have the necessary licenses or funds, it might be hard to do.

If you have an interested in doing so you do not have to worry since we now have what we call cocaine test kit. Thanks to this kit it is now easier for us to test cocaine for their purity or to test if any substance has any cocaine in it. This kit is very accessible most of the time to the general public and the price you have to pay is cheaper compared to hiring a lab full of professionals to make the test for you. Get detailed info about cocaine test kit on this site.

So how does this kit work?

This kit  comes as a set wherein you are usually provided with the following:

• Reagent in a bottle

• Vial for mixture

• List of instructions/charts

What do you have to do?

First, gather a small amount of the substance that you are going to test and place it in the empty vial provided. Second, carefully open the bottle of reagent and make sure there is no spillage. Third, mix the two together slowly. Fourth, take note of any reactions. Lastly, compare the reactions to the chart provided in order to interpret them. For example, there is usually a color chart provided, and the higher the saturation of the color usually means that the amount of cocaine in the mixture is higher as well.

Before you do any of the steps above though be sure that you take the appropriate precautionary measures such as wearing gloves,  and masks. Make sure that you are doing it in a space away from children.