Long long time ago we had a small, modest shop selling drawings and gifts. In the gallery, we also had a side filled with greetings cards, as well as some funny cards. Citizens would walk quietly around the shop, gently have a high regard for the art, look at the drawings and paintings, say ‘ciao’, talk about this and that, but when they looked through the jokey cards – well, they would chuckle & giggle, become full of life, chat more without restraint. Did they buy any? No bugger all! I am kidding, they did buy some. What I want to say is that we cherished to see people’s feedback to the amusing cards (and we liked sourcing them as they made us express amusement too). So when we had the idea of opening a virtual online shop, we decided on entertaining greetings cards for exactly this very reason. People would (with a bit of luck) get pleasure from browsing the cards, maybe smile a little, maybe writing a review and who knows maybe even get one or two . . .

The Greeting Card Review Company – as doctors recommend – laughter is the best medicine!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but so does a good joke.


Our shop contains a large range of amusing cards – from mild, inoffensive humor, to typical cartoons and bold captions, all the way through to the entertaining but utter bad mannered!

We like to be a little traditional in the way that we provide greeting cards as fashioned by our personal employed card publisher rather than the ‘print-a-lot-on-demand’ companies like PigTail. All our cards are brought to us directly from card publishers, males and females, and are the unique value cards designed by the publishers themselves.

Greeting cards Review was founded in 1997 and is a principal seller of greeting cards, gifts and art. There are at this time over 60 shops all over the Europe, including Germany, France and Netherlands as well as a website.

We opened our online shop in March 2013. In April 2014, we started this new website and we expect to carry on making important improvements over time, while selling some of the happiest cards we can design.

Over the coming weeks and months, we hope we will be introducing new types of greeting cards, paintings and fresh gift ideas, as well as a new appearance to our shops. We will keep on supplying your most wanted brands that Greeting Cards Review has been well-known for, such as Bloofle, Dashban, Cleverly Collection and Me for You.

The Greeting Card Review Company – sends a smile !