Position and what are the office opening hours?

The Greeting cards review main shop is situated in Hamburg, Germany. Greeting cards review office hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, though we are here often after 5 PM and on Saturdays. If you have any really delicate questions to ask, it’s better to email us. If you gives a call and get our voice mail, take pleasure in listening (it’s hysterical!). We guarantee to make every effort to get back to you within 12 hours on working days. We may be humorous, but we take our client service pretty seriously!

Are you the unique publisher of your comic cards?

Yes, we craft every funny holiday card as well as all the rest of the comedy cards that you see on our website, and we print all of the greeting cards on order. We are not only very funny; we are also extremely clever!

Do you deliver boxed Easter cards?

The long story short is yes we do. We do offer low-priced quantity costs when you purchase our funny-birthday-cards in packs and, as typical, we offer with our cards-FREE delivery! As we are also a FULLSALE, we sell our Easter cards to trade stores, and therefore you are able to buy the Easter cards box that you are looking for at your neighborhood greeting card stores or wherever funny-Easter-card-boxes are on sale.

Do you have all of the cards shown on this website in your shops?

If we really had stocked all of the whole greeting card review collection we provide, we would almost certainly need a stockroom the size of the National Museum Convention center – but then our greeting cards wouldn’t have that magnificent “new-funny-card” scent, not to talk about the enormous amount of paper we would be recycling every year, if you can imagine what we are talking about. As an alternative, we print all of our cards on require (Print-on-Require (POR)) when you want them, so they’re always brand new (like our thoughts) and just right … just the way you deserve them! Designing and printing your cards especially for you means it occasionally takes a small piece longer for us to deliver them, but is not that better than receiving “not getting any younger” cards that have been sitting around some stuffy storehouse?

Do you supply envelopes for cards?

All of our cards are delivered  with envelopes. As a rule, our envelopes even come with a intelligent tiny sticker to close the flap or to stick on someone’s forehead.

Do you provide free of charge e-cards?

We are thinking to offer e-cards on our site in the next future. Meantime, we have joined on pinjuline.com to get you free e-cards featuring a large amount of in style designs.